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Different Quilting Way for Quilt Set
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Different Quilting Way for Quilt Set

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Bedspread Quilting Patterns 2019 / 07 / 17

There are three sitching ways for quilt set include normal quilting, embroidery and pinsonic, they are made by different machines. So cost will be different.

1, Normal Quilting-can only make simple patterns such as vermicelli, diamond, channel, circle

quilt bedding set printed quilt set

2, Embroidery  Machine-- can make any embroidery patterns, the more complex the patterns, the higher cost for the embroidered quilt(more embroidered quilt set patterns)

embroidered quilt set embroidered quilt set

3, Pinsonic--It is embossed by heat, no thread, cost is most cheapest, just can only make on poly fabric with poly fillings(more Pinsonic quilt set patterns)

Pinsonic quilt set Pinsonic quilt set

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