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/How HJ ensure on time shipment for quilt sets?
How HJ ensure on time shipment for quilt sets? 2020 / 12 / 17

Year 2020 is really special time for the world.

All production is full for quilt set, sheet set, comforter set.

But HJ home fashion still keep on-time delivery and secure production line for all customers.

How can we do this?

quilt set factory

Following is our production process for all orders.

1, Customer send us order plan + HJ calculate fabric meters

2, Customer select quilt designs or customer offer own designs

HJ make strike offs

quilt set manufacture

Above two process controlled within one week, we have QA check the colors on SO printing mill.

Ensure the strike offs we send out is perfetct in color, so customers can get one-time approval from buyers.

3, Printing and dyeing for fabrics

We have color QA stay in printing mills, and dyeing mills, check the color on-site to ensure the bulk printing colors match approved strike offs, and ensure the printing can be finished within 2 weeks.

disperse printing for quilt set

4, Bulk production-PP samples, Package samples

Once the fabrics finished printing, HJ will arrange PP samples ship to customer, at the same time take photos for record.

At the same time, will put bulk production in schedule, ensure the quilting and sewing can start immediately after PP samples approved.

Besides, when preparing the pp samples, HJ will make PVC bag samples, insert samples, trial packing one set to customer for approval, this way, HJ can arrange PVC bags earlier and check container CBM.

5, TOP samples and shipment

One week before shipment, HJ will send out TOP samples with full package for buyer approval.

This is the best way that customer can see how the product packed before they get the goods.

Actually, HJ home girls will remind customer send forwarder information one month before ETD.

We will check available vessels, container volume, and book all vessels at least 15days prior ETD.

quilt set china factory

6, Documents

All shipping docs will be sent to customer within one week after container loading.

HJ will send BL, Commercial invoice, packing list, container loading photos, detailed breakdown in one email.

So customer can check how the goods loaded in the container.

We are doing all process professionally and efficiently ensure on-time delivery, A-quality standard to all customers.

You cooperate with us for samples approval on time, and give us comments for all strike offs, pp samples, top samples, shipment.

All business is mutual, after making quilt sets for all customers.

We are best friends and partners. This is the best way, all of us work happily.

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