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/How to choose a perfect quilted bedspread for Summer?
How to choose a perfect quilted bedspread for Summer? 2020 / 09 / 02

How to choose a perfect quilted summer bedspread for your room decoration?

star fish printed bedspread covers

Summer is always a happy season but with hot heat, also it is a season of holidays.

A perfect lightweight quilt set in your bedroom is important with your whole summer.

HJ Home fashion -China quilt set factory here offerring some good ways to select a perfect bedspread.

1, Costal Designs on Printed Bedspreads

For sure, it is basic and most normal one, printed quilt sets with costal designs like coral reaf, starfish, seashells, oceam lifes, sea beach. The front fabric for the bedspread is printed, the back side with matching solid colors, or stripes. Inside the quilt covers, will be soft fillings. Real stitching on the bedding coverlets with different patterns like diamond, ogee, vermicelli, channel. If you want a best quilt with lowest price, then pinsonic is always your best selection.

coral reef printed costal summer bedspreads

2, Light colors on solid fashion bedspreads

Summer is a season of pure, light colors on the quilt to brighten your bedroom. So light blue, aqua, navy, white, beige are all perfect selections for a fashion bedding. The solid quilted bedspreads always in real stitching of different embroidery patterns. Nowadays, ultrasonic quilt on solid fabric is best sellers. With the cheap price, but good quality, its always a correct selection from any patterns.

3, Light weight oversized quilt set

No need thick quilt sets on bedroom, light weight be bedspread is the best seleciton. That's why pinsonic quilt set is NO. 1 selling for all countries. It can be printed ultrasonic quilt, also can be in solid pinsonic bedspreads. All patterns are in same price, so you can have bedding cover sets in different patterns on one color, or one pinsonic patterns on different colors for your bedroom decoration.

4, Cozy & Ultasoft quilted bedspreads set

Two different ways to make the quilted bedspreads more softer and cozy.

One way is to use prewashed fabrics with super soft hand feel, then make different stitchings or pinsonic on the quilt set.

Another way is to make the quilt set first, then do different washings on the finished bedpsreads, like water wash, enzyme wash, oil wash. All the ways are to make the finished quilt set more softer and cozy.

3D solid pinsonic quilt costal bedspread

Any other information you want to know for quitled fashion bedspreads?

HJ home fashion-bedding set factory from China is here to answer all your questions.

Our factory has a wide range of different quilt set, pinsonic quilt set, printed bedspreads, ultrasonic bed cover set, embroidered bedspreads. Fashion quilt sets to different countries for more than 10 years, with capacity of 50000pcs per month.

We have won great satisfaction and confidence from the customers through our continual innovation and development with high quality and good credit.We hope to establish business relationship with you in the near future and warmly welcome your visitation.

bed cover set manufacture summer qult set

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